Cycles Chapter 1

The Great Cycle of Existance

What What happened so very long ago that would shape our today? Conditions ordained at the onset of this cycle of civilization had its roots in a long lost era that influenced life as we know it. This set the thought process in motion that is currently understood as the cycle of creation. It is the responsibility of every embodied soul to fulfill its destiny to contribute to the next cycle in some heroic manner

At least, that is what we are programmed to believe. The real story starts at the beginning of our universe and has had its pages rewritten as many times as there are atoms in the ocean. The best thing to do is clear your mind of any preconceptions and open your thoughts to the story of history taken from the beginning.

It starts at a time when cosmic plasma energies organized into biological systems. The bio systems grew and achieved conscious thought. They organized into larger systems which
adapted to the environment. The progenitors learned lessons which continue to attract our attentions to this day.

Infinite universes have physics and rules to abide by. Some universes have physics so similar that they are considered to be parallel. Prime and alt-prime are two such Universes. Rising up from the quantum state they developed similar physics. Free will biological systems in each of these universes influenced what they were destined to become.

Prime is where this story starts. As a universe, Prime developed into a control universe. This type of universe creates rulers and gods which shape the behavior for its inhabitants. It thrives on creating material things that enslave the populations. It is a material universe which places high emphasis on things like power and wealth.

Alt-prime developed into a universe of loving energies eliminating the need to control others. Harmony between plant and animal life was built into their DNA.

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